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Medrwn Môn - DBS Training

This month Medrwn Môn held a learning session alongside Carol Eland from Disclosure and Barring service explaining the new rules that have come into force, and how organisations can use DBS to ensure safer recruitment inside their own organisations, to ensure the safety of their service users, volunteers, and staff.

The session was well attended with 18 individuals from a broad range of organisations and roles, ranging from CEO and mangers to volunteers of community group.

The session was split into two sections, the first section focused on:

• Understanding the benefits of DBS and you (organisation) working together


• The different levels of DBS checks

• When an employee is eligible for a check

• Definition of Regulated Activity (Children and Adults)

• DBS Update Service

• Have an understanding of what safe recruitment practices can be in place that DBS checks can form a part of.

The Second section of the course focused on:

• The three different referral routes into DBS

• When a DBS Barring referral should be made, including where there is a legal duty

• Relevant Conduct and Harm Test

• How to make a good quality referral

• Have a clear understanding of the consequences of not making appropriate barring referrals and the consequences of being included in one or both Barred Lists

The session was very informative and the feedback from the session was extremely positive, many attendees stated that it had improved their understanding of the subject, increased their confidence to perform their role more effectively and know have more knowledge on better practices.

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