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Volunteering is the commitment of time and energy given freely for the benefit of others in the community, the environment, and of the individual concerned. It is undertaken by choice and without concern for personal financial gain.


Medrwn Môn works to develop active and involved citizens by enabling more people and communities to benefit from volunteering. We work towards this through the following actions:

Administering and promoting grant programmes:  we provide support to develop the capacity to recruit and support a sustainable volunteer base on Anglesey.

Promoting good practice and innovation in volunteering:  we work with partners to enable strategic volunteering developments, promote good practice and pilot new approaches.

Information, guidance and connecting organisations with specialist support:  we provide information, guidance and support to organisations to develop good volunteering practices, connecting you with specialist information and advice to meet identified needs.

Volunteering digital platform:  we enable organisations to develop and promote high quality, accessible volunteering opportunities, match volunteers to suitable roles and provide digital tools to manage volunteers through the nation-wide volunteering website

Events, promotion and recognition:  we raise the profile of the achievements of individual volunteers and their collective contribution to the well-being of Anglesey.

Networks, learning and development:  we act as a conduit to share information, intelligence, good practice, and learning and development opportunities to support continuous improvement.

Volunteering can offer you

  • Structure to your day

  • Work experience

  • Recognition that you have something different to offer, & everybody has something to offer

  • The chance to acquire new skills

  • The chance to change your status from ‘helped’ to ‘helper’

  • An awareness of difficulties other people face

  • The chance to make a commitment and gain confidence

  • An opportunity for personal development

  • A reference

  • Training opportunities

  • Infill between a change of career

  • A break from the past

  • Helping yourself by helping others

  • Social contact - meeting new people

  • Involvement in the community

  • A challenge - a sense of achievement

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