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Medrwn Môn - Tech in care (Networking Event)

On the 14th of June 2023 Medrwn Môn held a Third Sector Network Event about using Technology in health, care and wellbeing.

Digital technologies have advanced rapidly in recent years and are quickly becoming essential within the health care system. Using technology in the home can have the potential not only to facilitate the role of home health care but also to help individuals to stay happier and healthier for longer at home.

The event was designed to generate discussion around the seven main themes of our Technology in Care Project which are:

· home safety

· home security

· personal safety

· social Interaction

· health & fitness

· learning and

· mental health

14 organisations and groups attended, with presentation on each theme being given to highlight much of the good work that is already going on in this field. Sessions were held both in the morning and afternoon and attendees were also given the opportunity to take part in the Autism Reality Experience, which provides an eye-opening lesson in the effect autism has on day to day life.

From the discussions across the 7 themes, we have collated all the information and have identified 3 reoccurring priorities.

· Communication and Accessibility: those attending wanted to know more about what technology is available and who provides it, how people are referred to services and projects and how information is shared so that it reaches the people who need.

· Training: here people wanted to know if there was help for people to set up and use the technology, how we could help keep people safe using technology and whether there was any training available

· Cost: questions related to funding for the equipment and running cists as well as options for loaning equipment and internet charges

Following the event Sheree Ellingworth, our Third Sector Community and Wellbeing Officer collated all the information and said ‘Now comes the fun part of how we can address these issues. Medrwn Môn is happy to take the lead on how these priorities could be addressed. But as we all know, working as a team is always the best and most effective way of moving things forward so we have asked those people who took part in the day to work with us and a number have already agreed!’

Sheree would like to thank all those who attending and took part in our first Third Sector Network of the year. It was great to see so many people from different groups and organisations involved.

Medrwn Môn would also like to extend a big thank you to Ceri Seeley (Medrwn Môn Digital Officer, leading on the Technology in Care Project) and Bethan Bailey (Planning Manager for the Accelerated Cluster Development Programme) and Helen Williams (Cluster Co-ordinator for Arfon and Anglesey) both representing Betsi Cadwaladr, who opened the day with a presentation on the Anglesey Cluster Development programme.

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