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Car Linc Môn

Car Linc Môn is a voluntary social community transport scheme on Anglesey. The service is available to people who have no other means of making essential journeys.

The scheme is mainly for people living in rural areas where public transport services are scarce, but also for those who are not fit enough to use public transport - in town or country. Since setting up the scheme in 2001 Car Linc Môn provides an essential transport service for people who need to go to:

  • Hospital appointments

  • Visit the doctor, dentist, optician

  • Attend a Day Care Centre

  • Collect a prescription                                                 

  • Do some shopping

  • Visit relatives or friends who are ill.

Who organises ‘Car Linc Môn’?

The transport scheme is run on a daily basis from the Medrwn Môn office in Llangefni (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.). An officer from Medrwn Môn is responsible for approving all transport requests, arranging for volunteer drivers to make each journey, and offering guidance should any problems arise.  

How does ‘Car Linc Môn’ work?  

When somebody who needs transport for an essential journey contacts Medrwn Môn, a member of staff will record the details, confirm that the journey is valid, and phone around to find a driver who can make the journey. At least 3 days’ notice is required, and where possible, journeys are arranged so that they combine the needs of a number of passengers. An estimate of cost, and the method of payment will have been arranged prior to the journey, along with any other arrangements, e.g. return time, whether an escort is required, and whether the service user has a blue badge etc

All applications will be assessed on their merit. Access to the service is possible more than once a week, but only at the discretion of Medrwn Môn.

Who can use ‘Car Linc Môn’?  

Car Linc Môn is a service available to Anglesey residents (age 50+) for essential journeys and where there is no other suitable transport available. It is the responsibility of Medrwn Môn to determine whether a specific journey is valid, but the checklist below gives some guidance as to the criteria needed to use the service: -

  • Does the passenger have access to any private transport e.g. do they own a car?

  • Is there any public transport that the passenger could use?

  • Can the passenger change the time of the journey so as to use another way of travel?

  • Can the passenger use the Ambulance Car Service?

  • Is it reasonable for the passenger to hire a taxi for the journey?

  • Is it reasonable for the passenger to avoid making the journey altogether?                                     

 If the answer to any of the above questions is YES - then the journey would not usually be permitted. 

Cost of the Service 

The cost to the passenger for every journey with Car Linc Môn is £4.50 for the first 6 miles, then 55 pence for every additional mile. For example, a return journey from Llangefni to Ysbyty Gwynedd (a 19 mile journey) would cost £11.65 (£4.50 for the first 6 miles, and £7.15 for the next 13 miles). The driver will receive 50 pence a mile per journey. An officer from Medrwn Môn administers all the payments.

Volunteer Drivers

Can YOU be a volunteer driver for Car Linc Môn?  Môn recruits volunteer drivers to Car Linc Môn by advertising in the press, displaying posters in public places, and by word of mouth. The scheme is constantly looking for new volunteers to be able to deliver the service to all users across Anglesey.

Before the volunteer driver's first journey, Medrwn Môn will arrange a ‘DBS' for each driver and asks that all drivers have the following:

  • Valid Driving License

  • MOT Certificate

  • Comprehensive insurance certificate                                               

Between April 2018 and March 2019 Car Linc Môn organised 719 journeys – a total of 18,109 miles

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