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Medrwn Môn works to develop active and involved citizens by enabling more people and communities to benefit from volunteering. We work towards this through the following actions:

Administering and promoting grant programmes:  we provide support to develop the capacity to recruit and support a sustainable volunteer base on Anglesey.

Promoting good practice and innovation in volunteering:  we work with partners to enable strategic volunteering developments, promote good practice and pilot new approaches.

Information, guidance and connecting organisations with specialist support:  we provide information, guidance and support to organisations to develop good volunteering practices, connecting you with specialist information and advice to meet identified needs.

Volunteering digital platform:  we enable organisations to develop and promote high quality, accessible volunteering opportunities, match volunteers to suitable roles and provide digital tools to manage volunteers through the nation-wide volunteering website

Events, promotion and recognition:  we raise the profile of the achievements of individual volunteers and their collective contribution to the well-being of Anglesey.

Networks, learning and development:  we act as a conduit to share information, intelligence, good practice, and learning and development opportunities to support continuous improvement.