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Engagement and Influencing

Engagement and Influencing

Medrwn Môn works to ensure that organisations can effectively influence policy, scrutinise public services and act as a route to civic participation especially for disadvantaged and minority groups

Information dissemination

Provide regular information about local, regional and national policy developments though our websites, bulletins, social media, and blogs

Guidance to connect organisations to national, regional and local channels for influencing

Advice on how to connect with the most appropriate channels for influencing policy in your field of work at local, regional or national levels

Networks and events

Connect likeminded organisations through thematic networks and events, to share information, learn from peers and influence positive change

Brokering and enabling third sector influence

Broker third sector involvement in public sector governance arrangements

Building sector skills and capacity in influencing and campaigning

Deliver an accessible programme of learning and development to grow third sector influencing skills and capacity