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Our Mission Statement

The aim of Medrwn Môn is to promote and support volunteering, voluntary and community organisations by working with individuals, groups and communities on Anglesey to ensure they play a full and prominent role in developing the potential of the Island.

Medrwn Môn is an independent agency providing support and advice to voluntary organisations and community groups enabling them to work more effectively.

Medrwn Môn can help to:

  • Provide practical advice and support to community groups and voluntary organisations on:  

    • Sustainable funding

    • Volunteering

    • Good governance

    • Engaging and influencing

  • Support voluntary and community organisations to develop and maintain strong partnerships and networking opportunities

  • Promote opportunities to volunteer and take part in the community

  • Identify training needs, organise and provide training workshops and funding surgeries

  • Encourage people, groups and organisations to have their say on public services and their community

  • Provide administrative support and practical services.

Medrwn Môn assists communities in:

  • identifying gaps in provision that could be met through the voluntary or community sector

  • developing local initiatives and projects

  • establishing new ventures

Medrwn Môn plays a vital role when representing the voluntary and community sector by expressing the sector’s views to partnerships, local government and other statutory bodies, thus ensuring the sector’s opinion is heard.

By working in partnership with others and by responding positively and imaginatively, we aim to strengthen and empower communities throughout Anglesey.